New DVDs – Mar. 2013

Cinema verite Old school The story of India

Too big to fail – DVD TAC-4149

In treatment (Television program) – DVD TAC-4150

Cinema verite – DVD TAC-4151

American teacher – DVD TAC-4152

In darkness – DVD TAC-4153

Noruwei no mori – DVD TAC-4154

Dragonslayer – DVD TAC-4155

Sartre – DVD TAC-4156

Heidegger – DVD TAC-4157

Friedrich Nietzsche – DVD TAC-4158

Old school – DVD TAC-4159

Frozen planet (Television program) – DVD TAC-4160

Killing – DVD TAC-4161

The war room – DVD TAC-4162

The story of India – DVD TAC-4163

The city dark – DVD TAC-4164

Programmed to be fat? – DVD TAC-4165

The 72 hour film competition – DVD TAC-4166

The 2009 72 hour film competition – DVD TAC-4167

Crucible of empire – DVD TAC-3875

The 72 hour film competition. 2011 – DVD TAC-4169

How to live forever – DVD TAC-4170


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New DVDs – Nov. 2012

American sleepover Pariah Flaw

Coriolanus – DVD TAC-4110

Sing your song – DVD TAC-4111

Guy and Madeline on a park bench – DVD TAC-4112

Shallow grave – DVD TAC-4113

Terra blight – DVD TAC-4114

The manuscripts of Timbuktu – DVD TAC-4115

Contagion DVD TAC-4116

War horse – DVD TAC-4117

Shame Canning -DVD TAC-4118

Rundskop – DVD TAC-4119

21 Jump Street – DVD TAC-4120

Artist coproduction – DVD TAC-4121

Downton Abbey (Television program). Season 1. – DVD TAC-4122

Downton Abbey (Television program). Season 2 – DVD TAC-4123

Treme (Television program). Season 2 – DVD TAC-4124

Mad men (Television program). Season 1 – DVD TAC-4125

Mad men (Television program). Season 2 – DVD TAC-4126

Mad men (Television program). Season 3 – DVD TAC-4127

Mad men (Television program). Season 4 – DVD TAC-4128

Crime after crime – DVD TAC-4129

My reincarnation – DVD TAC-4130

Steve Job – DVD TAC-4131

Attenberg – DVD TAC-4132

Better this world – DVD TAC-4133

Patience – DVD TAC-4134

Gray’s anatomy – DVD TAC-4135

Hawaii – DVD TAC-4136

Just do it – DVD TAC-4137

The man nobody knew – DVD TAC-4138

Urbanized – DVD TAC-4139

Il momento della verità – DVD TAC-4140

How much does your building weigh, Mr. Foster? – DVD TAC-4041

Art:21 (Television program). Season 6 – DVD TAC-4142

Woody Allen – DVD TAC-4143

Geurimja sarin – DVD TAC-4144

Something ventured – DVD TAC-4145

Extremely loud & incredibly close – DVD TAC-4146

Bellissima – DVD TAC-4147

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New DVDs – August 2012


Mistérios de Lisboa – DVD TAC-4035

Circumstance – DVD TAC-4036

Project Nim – DVD TAC-4037

Nannerl, la soeur de Mozart – DVD TAC-4038

Sunrise – DVD TAC-4039

D.W. Griffith’s Biograph shorts – DVD TAC-4040

Au bonheur des dames – DVD TAC-4041

Not as I pictured – DVD TAC-4042

Understanding volcanic hazards – DVD TAC-4043

Sushi, the global catch – DVD TAC-4044

The Harold Lloyd comedy collection – DVD TAC-4045

Girl with the dragon tattoo – DVD TAC-4047

Dangerous method – DVD TAC-4048

Senna – DVD TAC-4049

Carnage – DVD TAC-4050

Young adult – DVD TAC-4051

Martha Marcy May Marlene – DVD TAC-4052

La piel que habito – DVD TAC-4053

Descendants – DVD TAC-4054

Liza with a Z – DVD TAC-4055

Parapluies de Cherbourg – DVD TAC-4056

When I fall in love – DVD TAC-4057

Hugo – DVD TAC-4058

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. birthday celebration – DVD TAC-4059

Being Elmo – DVD TAC-4061

Way – DVD TAC-4062

Mildred Pierceb – DVD TAC-4063

Corman’s world – DVD TAC-4064

Daddy longlegs – DVD TAC-4065

Into the abyss – DVD TAC-4066

Thurgood – DVD TAC-4067

Hell and back again – DVD TAC-4068

Pearl Jam twenty – DVD TAC-4069

The other F word – DVD TAC-4070

These amazing shadows – DVD TAC-4071

Neotpravlennoe pisʹmo – DVD TAC-4072

Food stamped – DVD TAC-4073

Alambrista! – DVD TAC-4074

A labor arbitration case study – DVD TAC-4075

No woman no cry – DVD TAC-4076

I compagni – DVD TAC-4077

A Hollis Frampton odyssey – DVD TAC-4078

The films of Lionel Rogosin, Volume 1 – DVD TAC-4079

Carved from the heart – DVD TAC-4080

Tyrannosaur – DVD TAC-4082

W.A.R. – DVD TAC-4083

The myth of the American sleepover – DVD TAC-4084

Slavery by another name – DVD TAC-4085

The first grader – DVD TAC-4086

Prince of Broadway – DVD TAC-4087

Superheroes – DVD TAC-4088

Monseñor – DVD TAC-4089

Tangshan da di zhen – DVD TAC-4090

Jitsuroku, Rengō Sekigun – DVD TAC-4091

The flaw – DVD TAC-4092

Return b72163537^”DVD TAC-4093″ – DVD TAC-4093

The mill & the cross – DVD TAC-4094

Caring for dying – DVD TAC-4096

The heart of grieving – DVD TAC-4097

The Loving story – DVD TAC-4098

Rampart – DVD TAC-4099

We were here – DVD TAC-4100

Pariah – DVD TAC-4101

Paul Goodman changed my life – DVD TAC-4102

Nurse Jackie (Television program). Season 1 – DVD TAC-4107

Nurse Jackie (Television program). Season 2 – DVD TAC-4108

Nurse Jackie (Television program). Season 3 – DVD TAC-4109

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New DVDs – July 2012


The house maid – DVD TAC-3951

Cul de Sac – DVD TAC-3952

Weapon of war – DVD TAC-3953

Emmanuel’s gift – DVD TAC-3954

Inside the hermit kingdom – DVD TAC-3955

The incredible shrinking man – DVD TAC-3956

American family (Television program) – DVD TAC-3957

Make no little plans McBrien. -DVD TAC-3958

9000 needles – DVD TAC-3959

The genius of design – DVD TAC-3960

The genius of design – DVD TAC-3960

Fast times at Ridgemont High – DVD TAC-3961

Carmo – DVD TAC-3962

When I rise – DVD TAC-3963

Forgiveness – DVD TAC-3964

Tamnan Somdet Phra Naresuan Maharat -DVD TAC-3965

In the name of the family – DVD TAC-3966

Cannibal tours – DVD TAC-3967

The scent of green papaya – DVD TAC-3968

Let’s talk about sex – DVD TAC-3969

kuron ha kokyo wo mezasu – DVD TAC-3970

Umoja – DVD TAC-3971

Deliverance – DVD TAC-3973

Rise of the planet of the apes – DVD TAC-3974

Margin call – DVD TAC-3975

Orchids – DVD TAC-3976

Fat, sick, & nearly dead – DVD TAC-3977

Jane Eyre – DVD TAC-3978

Submarine – DVD TAC-3979

The bro code – DVD TAC-3980

Prohibition – DVD TAC-3981

Buck – DVD TAC-3982

Bill Cunningham New York – DVD TAC-3983

Warrior – DVD TAC-3984

Bobby Fischer against the world – DVD TAC-3985

Putty Hill – DVD TAC-3986

Submarino – DVD TAC-3987

Blackthorn – DVD TAC-3988

Leningrad Cowboys go America – DVD TAC-3989

Leningrad Cowboys meet Moses – DVD TAC-3990

Total Balalaika show – DVD TAC-3991

Aru kyohaku – DVD TAC-3992

Kyonetsu no kisetsu – DVD TAC-3993

Nikui anchikusho – DVD TAC-3994

Kuroi taiyo – DVD TAC-3995

Ai no kawaki – DVD TAC-3996

The complete Jean Vigo – DVD TAC-3997

Road to nowhere – DVD TAC-3998

The heretics – DVD TAC-3999

Price of sex – DVD TAC-4000

Face to face – DVD TAC-4001

The Pruitt-Igoe myth – DVD TAC-4002

Lourdes – DVD TAC-4003

Thriller – DVD TAC-4004

Illusions – DVD TAC-4005

How to die in Oregon – DVD TAC-4006

Erasing David – DVD TAC-4007

Bad blood – DVD TAC-4008

How to fold a flag – DVD TAC-4009

Capadocia – DVD TAC-4010

Cameraman – DVD TAC-4011

L’affaire farewell – DVD TAC-4012

John Muir in the new world – DVD TAC-4013

Get on the bus – DVD TAC-4014

The social life of small urban spaces – DVD TAC-4015

The Red Chapel – DVD TAC-4016

Dear Uncle Adolf – DVD TAC-4017

City21 – DVD TAC-4018

La belle endormie – DVD TAC-4019

My Vietnam, your Iraq – DVD TAC-4020

Born in the U.S.A. – DVD TAC-4021

A tale of two cities – DVD TAC-4022

Maxwell Street Blues – DVD TAC-4023

The tricycle solution – DVD TAC-4024

Bellflower – DVD TAC-4025

R – DVD TAC-4026

1991 – DVD TAC-4027

Amour fou – DVD TAC-4028

Der Rauber – DVD TAC-4029

Is it a boy or a girl? – DVD TAC-4030

50/50 – DVD TAC-4032

Whistleblower – DVD TAC-4033

Moneyball – DVD TAC-4034

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New CDs – Spring 2012


Neil Young – Compact disc TAC-966

Electric version – Compact disc TAC-967

King me by Visqueen – Compact disc TAC-968

Journal for plague lovers by Manic Street Preachers-Compact disc TAC-969

Black patch war by Common Market – Compact disc TAC-970

Sea to shining sea by Love As Laughter – Compact disc TAC-972

Tobacco Road by Common Market – Compact disc TAC-971

Laughter’s fifth by Love as Laughter – Compact disc TAC-973

Shadows on the sun – Compact disc TAC-974

The undisputed truth by Brother Ali – Compact disc TAC-975

Warm heart of Africa by the Very Best – Compact disc TAC-976

Illmatic by Nas – Compact disc TAC-977

An Introduction to Elliott Smith by Elliott Smith – Compact disc TAC-978

King by T.I. – Compact disc TAC-979

Raw power by Iggy and the Stooges – Compact disc TAC-980

Let’s stay together by Al Green – Compact disc TAC-981

Bon Iver by Bon Iver – Compact disc TAC-982

The Silk Road -Compact disc TAC-983

I blame you by Obits – Compact disc TAC-984

A long dream about swimming across the sea by Tyler Ramsey – Compact disc TAC-986

Transference by Spoon – Compact disc TAC-987

Let England shake by PJ Harvey – Compact disc TAC-988

The king is dead by the Decemberists -Compact disc TAC-989

Rome by Jack White & Norah Jones -Compact disc TAC-990

The George Mitchell collection V.1-45 -Compact disc TAC-992

Hot sauce committee Part two by Beastie Boys -Compact disc TAC-993

Majesty shredding by Superchunk -Compact disc TAC-994

I, flathead by Ry Cooder -Compact disc TAC-995

Minor love by Adam Green -Compact disc TAC-997

Stone rollin’ by Raphael Saadiq -Compact disc TAC-998

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New DVDs – Spring 2012


Duel – DVD TAC-3854

Louis Sullivan – DVD TAC-3855

The greatest movie ever sold – DVD TAC-3856

Forks over knives – DVD TAC-3857

The parking lot movie – DVD TAC-3858

Gigi – DVD TAC-3859

Hesher – DVD TAC-3860

Hanna – DVD TAC-3862

Wrong side of the bus – DVD TAC-3863

Celda 211 – DVD TAC-3864

Heart of stone – DVD TAC-3866

The calling – DVD TAC-3867

The nine lives of Marion Barry – DVD TAC-3868

Sciuscia  – DVD TAC-3869

The inconvenient truth behind Waiting for Superman – DVD TAC-3870

Sin pais – DVD TAC-3871

Carlos – DVD TAC-3872

Poetry – DVD TAC-3873

Water undone – DVD TAC-3874

Crucible of empire – DVD TAC-3875

Eroica – DVD TAC-3876


Butterflies & bulldozers – DVD TAC-3878

Subdivide and conquer – DVD TAC-3879

Human planet – DVD TAC-3881

Tabloid – DVD TAC-3882

Page one – DVD TAC-3883

Soundtracker – DVD TAC-3884

Wartorn – DVD TAC-3885

Le beau serge – DVD TAC-3886

Four feathers – DVD TAC-3887

The sound of insects – DVD TAC-3888

Inuujjutiksaq – DVD TAC-3889

Tennessee Williams’ The glass menagerie – DVD TAC-3890

Living in emergency [videorecording] – DVD TAC-3891

Sit down and fight – DVD TAC-3892

Wage slaves – DVD TAC-3893

Nostalgia de la luz – DVD TAC-3894

The stoned ages – DVD TAC-3895

Circo – DVD TAC-3896

The phantom carriage – DVD TAC-3897

Running down the man – DVD TAC-3898

Red gold – DVD TAC-3899

Eastern rises – DVD TAC-3900

La Boheme – DVD TAC-3901

Life on Mars (Television program : United Kingdom). Season 1 – DVD TAC-3902

Life on Mars (Television program : United Kingdom). Season 2 – DVD TAC-3903

Robert E. Lee – DVD TAC-3904

Flickering lights – DVD TAC-3905

Tree of life – DVD TAC-3906

Yabu no naka no kuroneko – DVD TAC-3907

The other side of the mirror – DVD TAC-3908

Brave New Voices – DVD TAC-3909

Police, adjective – DVD TAC-3910

Super 8 – DVD TAC-3911

The captive city – DVD TAC-3912

Identificazione di una donna – DVD TAC-3913

Island of lost souls – DVD TAC-3915

The last mountain – DVD TAC-3917

Terri – DVD TAC-3919

Pride and prejudice – DVD TAC-3921

Brave new world – DVD TAC-3922;”pt.4″

Clone Inc. – DVD TAC-3923

The Jesus guy – DVD TAC-3924

War Don Don – DVD TAC-3925

Pioneers of primetime – DVD TAC-3926

Pioneers of television (Television program) – DVD TAC-3927

Pioneers of television (Television program). Season 2 – DVD TAC-3928

Noel Coward’s Design for living – DVD TAC-3929

Rebirth – DVD TAC-3930

Crazy, stupid, love – DVD TAC-3931

Lost in detention – DVD TAC-3932

I’m dangerous with love – DVD TAC-3933

36 quai des orfevres – DVD TAC-3934

The legacy of Nuremberg – DVD TAC-3935

Monogamy – DVD TAC-3936

If you dare – DVD TAC-3937

Kak ia provel etim letom – DVD TAC-3938

pay back – DVD TAC-3940

The machine that made us – DVD TAC-3941

Mickey One – DVD TAC-3942

Debt – DVD TAC-3943

Super – DVD TAC-3947

Midnight in Paris – DVD TAC-3948

Writ writer – DVD TAC-3949

Amongst white clouds – DVD TAC-3950

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New CDs – Autumn 2011

After the gold rush by Neil Young – Compact disc TAC-938

The unreleased recordings by Hank Williams – Compact disc TAC-939 v.1-3

The complete Hank Williams – Compact disc TAC-940  v.1-10

All hail the shadow empire by the Kings of Oblivion -Compact disc TAC-949

Bo Diddley: the Chess box   -Compact disc TAC-941 v.1-2

Jelly Roll Morton  -Compact disc TAC-942 v.1-4

Artist of the century by Elvis Presley  -Compact disc TAC-943 v.1-3

Library nation  -Compact disc TAC-944

Swing this! by Kermit Ruffins -Compact disc TAC-945

I’ll take care of you by Mark Lanegan -Compact disc TAC-946

Remembering the fireballs  -Compact disc TAC-947

Wild mountain nation  -Compact disc TAC-948

Whiskey for the Holy by Mark Lanegan -Compact disc TAC-950

Fallen house sunken city by B Dolan -Compact disc TAC-951

Malaikat dan singa by Arrington De Dionyso -Compact disc TAC-952

Rehearsals for departure by Damien Jurado -Compact disc TAC-953

Ellis in wonderland   -Compact disc TAC-954

Enemies against power by Lozen -Compact disc TAC-955

Sunset on dateland by Visqueen -Compact disc TAC-956

Hands across the void by Tiny Vipers -Compact disc TAC-957

Life on earth by Tiny Vipers -Compact disc TAC-958

So runs the world away by Josh Ritter -Compact disc TAC-959

Enemy mine by Swan Lake -Compact disc TAC-960

I told you I was freaky by Flight of the Conchords -Compact disc TAC-961

Everybody knows this is nowhere by Neil Young with Crazy Horse -Compact disc TAC-962

Mass romantic by the New Pornographers -Compact disc TAC-963

The historical conquests of Josh Ritter by Josh Ritter -Compact disc TAC-964

(a)spera by Mirah -Compact disc TAC-965

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